Our Services

We help you to define what is required from your people to set your organisation apart. Our inclusive approach then ensures you choose, develop and engage the very best people.

Choosing Talent

Our expertise navigates you through the range of options for choosing the talented people you need. First, we define what talent means in your organisation– using our Indicators of Excellence approach. Then we design an assessment process that is accurate, fair and inclusive.

We are particularly well known for our innovations in assessment centre design, enabling you the best possible preview of how a candidate will perform in your organisation. We also deliver focused interviews, sifting and screening processes as well as executive and one-off assessments for key individual appointments. As independent business psychologists, we have the experience and expertise to choose psychometric tests that will really add value to your selection decision.

Your approach to selection and promotion will have a lasting impact on candidates. We ensure that the impression is a positive one.


“We ensure you are choosing the right people to deliver and shape your organisation’s strategy.”

Developing Talent

Developing your people has a double benefit.

• You increase people’s ability to contribute to performance.
• You retain great people – the more you invest in them the more likely they are to stay with you.

We start by involving participants, managers and leaders in identifying key themes for development and exploring potential barriers to inclusion and progression. Then we build inclusive development offerings using the most appropriate techniques to bring about deep and lasting development. We draw on and blend a range of techniques from individual coaching to group workshops and team development. We emphasise learning that people can use immediately – maximising the application of new learning to people’s jobs.


“Our innovative development solutions and executive coaching fully prepare your people for tomorrow’s challenges.”

Engaging Talent

You want talented people to stay with you and be motivated to offer their very best performance. We help you develop an inclusive work environment that invites and values everybody’s contribution. We will work with you to ensure that you know very clearly what people like about their jobs as well as what more you could do to engage your hard-won talent.

Our expert psychologists are particularly skilled at finding out the motivators and turn-offs at work and reflecting this back honestly but sensitively to managers – while fully respecting confidentiality and anonymity. Individuals want different things from their work, as do different generations – it is best to recognise this fact and deal with it rather than lose people’s commitment. We will ensure that your talent strategy fully reflects contemporary realities and appeals to the diversity of people in your organisation.


“We construct winning propositions to engage and retain your professional and leadership stars.”