Social Mobility Research

Who stays and who thrives? Exploring socio-economic diversity at senior levels in the investment management industry.

Human Assets are a team of occupational psychologists. In collaboration with Making the Leap, we are conducting research in the investment management industry to better understand the organisational barriers and enablers for people from less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds to:

– reach senior levels
– and be retained once they reach these levels
Why we believe this is important

With our experience working with organisations in the investment management industry, we are seeking to build on recent research and progress in the broader financial services sector:
– Research in financial services by Progress Together and The Bridge Group has found that:

  • At senior levels, there is a higher concentration of people from advantaged socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Those from advantaged socio-economic backgrounds are more likely to be hired and progress quicker
  • Socio-economic background has a stronger effect on who gets ahead compared with gender. Females from less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds experience a significant ‘double-disadvantage’.

– The FCA and PRA are proposing new rules and guidance to improve diversity and inclusion in financial services – our research will bring into focus challenges that need to be overcome and how organisations can make the most of their strengths.
What is involved?

We are looking to conduct research with a range of organisations in the investment management industry to explore the specifics of what helps or hinders people from less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds. In particular, we will be looking at: organisational culture & values; feelings of inclusion & belonging; perceptions of career opportunities; recruitment and progression processes and pathways; leadership advocacy and how role models and sponsors can support development and retention.

– We would like to interview approximately 12-15 employees in each organisation at junior, mid and senior levels
– If feasible, we would also like to interview people at senior levels who have recently left/are leaving the organisation.

We will draw out themes from across organisations and all collected data will be collated and anonymised. In addition to an overall report, you will receive your own summary report pinpointing your organisation’s specific enablers and barriers.
How to take part
If you would like to get involved or find out more, please get in touch:

Wendy Lyons,
Managing Director
Human Assets

Or register your interest here:

Social Mobility Research

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