Reforming the selection process for Judicial Appointments

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Ministry of Justice

The Challenge

To reform the selection process for judges with the specific aim of increasing judicial diversity.

The Solution

We shadowed and interviewed judges to design assessments which reflected the role. Candidates were given the opportunity to ‘sit’ as a judge and make decisions as if in a real court. This provided valuable evidence of each candidate’s potential and also afforded the candidates with a preview of the role. We provided assessor training to senior judges and other stakeholders to ensure the assessing was fair and inclusive.


Sir Duncan Nichol’s report stated that there was  “a significantly higher number of awards to women applicants than in the past” and the applicants who declared an ethnic origin other than white had a success rate (41.6%) similar to that of other applicants in greater number than in previous years.

“This was the first time that a full assessment centre was used to select any Judicial office holder. The design and establishment of the assessment centre required a considerable amount of tact as well as awareness of the sensitivities involved. The assessment centre was a success, so much so that the process is to be used for most part-time judicial appointments.

I have worked with many consultants over the years, but Human Assets do show a genuine interest in the work they take on. The people you work with are constants throughout the life of the project and you can truly work with them to achieve the project aims”

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