Leadership Programme for an international airline


An International Airline

The Challenge

To support the internal customer services training team to design a leadership programme for team leaders.

The Solution:

We designed a leadership programme to help new team leaders during their first management role. The programme was based around a model of leadership and focused on key areas of development as identified by an earlier skills audit.


Using our experience in designing and delivering leadership programmes we provided support in two ways: Firstly, we developed a pre-course 360 degree feedback process. In order to develop a realistic tool we observed several team leaders at work and discussed the skills required for their role. From this research we developed a set of criteria against which people could be rated by their peers and team members. The criteria were designed to clearly link to the various modules in the programme. This enabled delegates to use the modules to address issues that had arisen in their 360 feedback reports and prioritise their development activities.

We also developed a self assessment tool using the same criteria, which was an alternative way to start the delegates thinking about their performance at work. Having both options enabled the course trainers to be flexible in the way the programme was administered, depending on the resources and time available. Secondly, we worked with the training team to build up a set of modules based around a model of leadership. Some modules were designed together with internal trainers. Working in this way enabled the trainers to benefit from an injection of new ideas, models and theories in areas with which they familiar. Other modules were entirely developed by Human Assets, particularly where trainers were unfamiliar with the topic e.g. motivation. We produced trainer’s notes to provide background information on the models and theories introduced, and also guidance on how to deliver workshop sessions.

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