Leadership Development for an Investment Bank


Leadership Development

The Challenge

The aim of the leadership development programme was to develop managers to be more effective leaders.

The Solution:

We collaborated with the Learning & Development team to design a bespoke programme covering the identified development needs of their managers. Both content and methods of delivery were carefully considered in order to maximise the transfer of learning back to the workplace and benefit to the business. Key elements of our approach included: a continuous focus on raising self awareness; use of a range of experiential business relevant activities; goal setting and personal development planning at the end of each module; support mechanisms to aid transfer of learning; peer coaching; evaluation at a variety of stages and levels and accreditation of successful programme completion.


The programme was evaluated internally by the Learning and Development team and externally by an independent company to assess impact on the business. The following findings came out of the research: (1) improved ability of managers to deal with performance issues, (2) increased confidence and ability to adapt leadership style to suit different team members, (3) reduced turnover and improved employee engagement, (4) increased commitment to ‘self manage’ their development and career progression, and (5) improved relationships with customers through more effective listening and communication. As a result, the programme was externally accredited, for the benefits to both individual and organisational performance.

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