Development and Assessment Centres: identifying and developing competence

Mar 23, 2019 | Books

Edited by Nigel Povah and George Thornton, Dr Charles Woodruffe wrote a chapter called Whiter than White? The Diversity Credentials of Assessment and Development Centres

There are three core themes in this book:

  • First, authors describe the use of assessment and development centres which are linked to corporate strategy and in particular talent management. The book is focusing on how these strategies influence the design of the assessment centre in terms of the competencies being assessed, the exercises that are used and the nature of the event, so that they can deliver what is required.
  • The second theme explores cross-cultural implications for the design of assessment centres and development centres.
  • The third theme is the productive interface of science and practice. Authors describe their own research and its implications or how they have used the research of others to design and implement specific assessment and development centres for the purposes and settings mentioned above.

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