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Lyons, Wendy. Pulling Together. Quality World, January 2010. Available here.

Woodruffe, Charles. Diversity of Talent. Training Journal, October 2009. Available here.

Woodruffe, Charles. Updating Generations Y and Z. Training Journal, July 2009. Please click here for the article on Generation Y and here to read more about Generation Z.

Woodruffe, Charles. Focus of Survival. People Management, October 2008. Please click here.

Lyons, Wendy. The Psychological Benefits of Flexible Working, InsideOut Magazine, December 2009. Available here.

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Woodruffe, Charles. Talent Contest. Quality World.
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Woodruffe, Charles. Employee engagement: The real secret of winning a crucial edge over your rivals. Please click here for access to the article via

Lyons, Wendy. Special Feature: Making ability testing work for you. Care & Health, 27 January 2006. Available here.

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