Helping you choose, develop and engage winning talent.

Choosing Talent

We ensure you are choosing the right people to deliver and shape your organisation’s strategy

Developing Talent

Our innovative development solutions and executive coaching fully prepare your people for tomorrow’s challenges

Engaging Talent

We construct winning propositions to engage and retain your professional and leadership stars

What our clients are saying

“The assessment centre Human Assets designed has enabled a more inclusive assessment process that enables us to select higher quality candidates on an objective basis.”

“Human Assets used the Indicators of Excellence approach to profile a large number of roles across the Bank. These profiles have been used to underpin our selection process and we have had excellent feedback from line managers regarding their usability and accuracy in the assessment of candidates.”

“I have worked with many consultants over the years, but Human Assets do show a genuine interest in the work they take on. The people you work with are constants throughout the life of the project and you can truly work with them to achieve the project aims.”

“In a short space of time, Wendy and her team / (Human Assets) have established a strong partnership with Insight. They have really grasped Insight’s culture, values and key challenges, to deliver a high-touch bespoke programme which has been hugely valuable and impactful for our managers across the business.”

“I have been able to rely on Human Assets’ expert, experienced view as we’ve negotiated expectations from our executive board, managers and employees. I can’t wait to run our very first assessment centre, which I know from the design under Human Assets’ watch will be unbiased, fair, and all about what we need from our future leaders as an organisation”
“Human Assets prepared a major piece of work for the Legal Services Board, looking at the evidential basis for different methods of assessing the effectiveness of criminal advocacy. Human Assets produced an academically robust piece of work, showing themselves to be well aware of the sensitivities and very adept in navigating them. Their ability to maintain good working relations with a number of players after the project ended perhaps says it all.”