Choosing Talent

We are experts in the design of robust and innovative selection processes. Our Indicators of Excellence will define what talent means in your organisation. Then we develop measures to enable you to spot that talent accurately.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

We don’t jump into designing a selection process before understanding your talent management strategy – how you set about selecting talented people for your business must be thought through with care if you are to get the best results. We will spend a little time with you upfront to establish this connection.

We show you how candidates will perform in your organisation, for your organisation – our bespoke centre for MI5 graduates set candidates in the world of counter espionage; exercises in our centre for the Isle of Man involved looking at the viability of a wind-farm on the Island.


We really do work in partnership with you

We handover our skills to enable you to operate the process independently if you wish.


We don’t sit on the fence

Our assessments help you make decisions, we are clear about the strengths and development needs of the people we assess.

We are hyper-vigilant that candidates will see you are fair and thorough and embrace diversity – your approach to selection and promotion will have a lasting impact on candidates. We ensure that the impression is a positive one.