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Is turnover of staff more like smoking (completely undesirable in any measure) or a drop of alcohol (fine, desirable even, in moderation)? That's the question addressed in the large study covered by April's 2013 newsletter.
Today's successful organisations have a strategy to be flexible and adaptive. This is a core message from a recent article in the Financial Times. Such a strategy requires an appropriate organisational design and the right people. Our newsletter this month explores the compatibility of traditional competency frameworks with the requirements of being flexible and adaptive.
Two thirds of mergers fail. The reason generally is the people failing to work together. This month's newsletter examines steps you can take to get people in the two merging businesses to identify fully with the new merged organisation.
Inevitably, you cannot precisely forecast your future talent requirements. So should you err in the direction of developing too few or too many? A recent article in the Harvard Business Review advises that too few is the better alternative. We beg to disagree and offer our views in this month's newsletter...
A recent report by the think tank Tomorrow's Company argues that the War for Talent is over and that talent is, in fact, abundant. This month's newsletter examines this argument in relation to the inclusive and exclusive definitions of talent discussed in our recent book on talent management, Holding on while letting go.
A recent article in the Harvard Business Review is a reminder that a strength can be overdone to the point of it becoming a liability. For example, the confident person can become arrogant, a phenomenon familiar to some of our erstwhile 'masters of the universe'. HR practitioners need to be vigilant and act when they spot overdone strengths and this month's newsletter offers guidance on how they should approach the matter.
Amid a time of redundancies and cut-backs, are you concerned about how to engage those people that matter most to your business? This month's article looks at how to keep your talent fully engaged - helping you energise your business right now and ensuring you're first off the starting blocks when the good times return.
Charles Woodruffe recommends accepting the reality that there will be cuts to talent programmes for many employers and trying to ensure that such cuts are well-considered and orderly. This month's newsletter considers this advice in the context of an open letter published on 23 October by the Chairs of BT, M&S and Standard Chartered that urges UK Employers to 'keep investing in the skills and talents of our people'.
Statistics show that organisations have a higher turnover of ethnic minority staff compared to their White counterparts. Turnover not only has significant cost implications, but the loss of ethnic minority employees specifically results in poor attainment of organisations' diversity targets. This month we examine research that suggests diversity climate, a measure of employees' perceptions regarding integration of ethnic minorities in the workplace and organisational adherence to fair personnel practices could be a key to reducing turnover, particularly amongst minority staff.

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