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Two and a half years have passed since The Davies Report urged a greater representation of women on boards. Some progress followed. However, in May this year, the Financial Times reported that the number of women on boards had stalled and that any increase was mainly due to the appointment of women to non-executive positions. Our current newsletter considers how the situation might be changed.
Authenticity is crucial to establishing the trust that leaders need if they are to be followed with any enthusiasm. This month?s newsletter examines an article that suggests authenticity as a key outcome of executive coaching and another article that confirms the importance of honesty/integrity in leaders.
A recent paper in The Leadership Quarterly provides a straightforward and practical generic framework of leadership skills. We summarise the framework in this month's newsletter and believe it will be helpful as a checklist of all the main elements of leadership as well as providing a common language for benchmarking.
Succession planning and leadership development are crucial to business success in a competitive marketplace. To ensure effective senior management, companies must create, nurture and maintain their "pipeline" of high potential leaders from within the organisation. This month's newsletter outlines how this can be achieved and maintained in the long-term.
In today's economy the success of a business largely depends on the quality of service it delivers to its customers. It is therefore crucial that organisations understand what factors can impact on the delivery of excellent customer service. Recent research investigates the impact that effective leadership and the development of a 'service climate' can have on the quality of service delivered in a range of organisations.
Employee innovation can be one of the most important factors to a company's success. This month's article looks at how different managerial styles can encourage employee innovation, and how Human Assets can help analyse and develop your managers' styles to increase your company's propensity for innovation.
This article traces the link between the leader's personality, the dynamics of the team and business success, measured by income growth. The conclusion is obvious: Take care to select leaders with personalities that make for 'healthy' team dynamics or literally pay the price.
This article describes how new leaders take charge. 'Rapid cycle CEO development' is essentially underpinned by the new leader's blueprint for the organisation and by the energy to execute their strategy.
An article that shows quite clearly how an individual manager's psychology affects the way they relate to others which in turn has a profound effect on the success of their business.

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