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Some coaching could definitely benefit from the application of an influential mainstream psychological theory. Attachment theory has a clear relevance to the development of some people's behaviour at work. However, it perhaps pushes the boundary of coaching and is better handled by psychologists than the line manager coach. To read our summary of an interesting article advocating attachment theory in coaching please click above.
A recent study examining the design of mentoring programmes and the quality of the mentoring.
How subjective opinions regarding the way information on personality and ability is gathered can impact on your recruitment procedures, and what you can do to avoid the potential pitfalls.
How can you be sure you are getting the most out you 360-degree feedback processes in terms of improved performance and what can you do as an organisation to maximise these benefits?
Research suggests that people who are able to devote their mental resources to the task in hand rather than thinking about other goals or their emotions have greater ability to implement a goal and strive towards it at work.
We summarise three articles. The first cautions against trying to 'kill too many birds' with the 360-degree feedback stone. The other two suggest that giving more resources to the 360 process will result in greater performance improvements.
A comparison of 360 feedback ratings and assessment centre ratings reveals that there are some discrepancies between 'self' and 'other' ratings which have implications for the design of 360 feedback processes.
Females have less access to developmental experiences than males.
Whether an upward feedback process prompts behaviour change depends on the reactions of the participants and actions of the organisation. This article examined some of the factors that contribute to effectiveness.

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