Dr Marie Stewart

Dr Marie Stewart is a psychologist who specialises in Diversity/Equality and Inclusion. She has an MBE for services to education, diversity and equal opportunities. Marie was educated in Jamaica and London University and has qualifications in Education, Psychology and Sociology.

She has worked in the Netherlands and Jamaica as well as the UK and has more than 20 years experience in the UK as a consultant to a range of private, public and voluntary sector clients and international agencies for organizational and individual development.

She has particular expertise in relation to fair assessment methods for selection and appraisal, the management of diverse teams and leadership development for individuals from groups currently underrepresented at senior levels. Examples of recent assignments include: Impact assessment and Diversity/Equality-proofing of new performance management procedures being developed by Government departments;a leadership development programme for middle managers from minority ethnic groups in a major financial group; and an independent investigation of a complaint alleging racial discrimination in annual appraisal reports.

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