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Development Centres

Collaborative and flexible - a powerful start to the development process

Development Centres

Similar in design to assessment centres, but different in purpose and delivery, a Human Assets’ tailored development centre is of benefit in a variety of contexts such as mergers or acquisitions, identifying high potentials, or uncovering the development needs of a specific management population.


The power and effectiveness of a development centre lies in what happens before, during, and after. Sensitive, constructive planning, time for reflection and application during the centre itself, detailed personal development planning and ‘follow through’, after the centre are key to the Human Assets approach. Our collaborative and flexible approach ensures ‘buy-in’, a positive developmental experience for candidates, and a significant’ return on investment’ for your business.
People find the experience extremely motivating and the centre provides a powerful start to the development process. Each person is treated as an individual and the feedback is highly credible and therefore accepted. A well designed development centre can even reduce the frustration people sometimes feel from failing to advance through promotion – they may see that promotion is less realistic for them at this stage than developing through lateral moves.

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