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360° Feedback

We are firm believers in a tailor-made approach to feedback

360º Feedback

360° feedback programmes allow people to gather information about their performance at work from a variety of sources including managers, peers, subordinates and clients.

360° feedback systems are powerful levers on behaviour if they are carefully designed and implemented. However, their very power means they must be approached with caution. We are firm believers in a tailor-made approach to such systems. This maximises their relevance to your organisation and allows individuals to adopt a targeted approach to their personal development.

  1. Our consultants will work closely with you to identify the key criteria, or Indicators of Excellence, for success in your organisation
  2. We will then develop a bespoke online questionnaire (or a paper version if you prefer) and manage all administration and data analysis – including our unique Insight Matrix
  3. Development reports will be drafted in line with your corporate approach to individual development and can be accompanied with an in-depth feedback discussion with either a trained line manager or an external facilitator

Individuals will also be supported in developing individually tailored development plans.

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