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A Global Bank

The Primary Objective:

Due to significant changes in the banking environment and the Bank's own corporate strategy, it was critical to ensure that the right criteria was being used to select the most effective people for key roles in the business.

Our Approach:

Initial stages of the project involved conducting a series of interviews with representative staff groups. More specifically, individuals were identified who had the strategic insight to know what contribution the role should be making to the business strategy and what the key deliverables were for the role. It was also essential that we understood the behaviours that differentiated 'A class' from 'B class' incumbents, as well as understanding what successful and unsuccessful individuals currently demonstrated in terms of values, motivation, core abilities and disposition.

How Human Assets Helped:

Once we had developed a comprehensive set of Indicators of Excellence, it became clear that a new selection method was necessary in order to assess each applicant's ability to demonstrate the behaviours within the new role profiles. We recommended changes to the Bank's current system to ensure they would select people with the knowledge, skills and abilities that were specified by the Indicators of Excellence. Furthermore, it was essential that these new Indicators of Excellence were also aligned with the Bank's management capability framework, used as a way of measuring staff development once in the role. Human Assets conducted a mapping exercise, which resulted in providing the Bank with the confidence and reassurance that there was a close match between their selection and development processes.

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