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Judicial Posts Assessment Centre


DCA (now the Ministry of Justice)

The Primary Objective:

To ensure that the selection process to appoint key judicial posts was based on merit and promoted fairness and diversity.

Our Approach:

The assessment centre was designed around competencies developed by Human Assets following a job analysis. The exercises were developed in close collaboration between Human Assets consultants and members of a working party that included senior judges. The exercises were designed to reflect the role as closely as possible so that candidates had the opportunity to 'sit' as a judge and make decisions as if in a real court. This provided assessors with valuable evidence of each candidate's potential as a judge and also afforded the candidate with a 'taster' of what the role would really be like. The exercises were carefully designed to be fair to those from different legal backgrounds.

How Human Assets Helped:

The assessment centre provided a greater breadth of evidence than the previous interview-only process. The selection panel made appointment recommendations on the basis of a more rounded picture of each candidate's skills and abilities. The process was transparent so that candidates, and other interested parties, could clearly understand the basis for decisions made.

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