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Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests can assist you in making fair and objective selection decisions, pinpointing where development is required.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric assessments can be carried out in groups, for example ability testing for batches of graduates. Psychometrics can also be used to form part of an individual executive assessment to provide a more comprehensive picture of the individual. The tools can provide information on what motivates an individual, their personality and their ability in specific areas.

How Human Assets can help

Human Assets will use the most suitable tests and inventories for the particular context. We are not tied to any one publisher and all the psychometrics we recommend are well researched and validated. We also critically review the diversity credentials of the tests we put forward.


We can provide a report on each candidate with a full interpretation of the results and discuss this with you. The candidates will also be offered developmental feedback, helping them understand the information and formulate development plans.

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