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Competency-Based Interviewing

We design competency-based interviews around your criteria for success

Competency-Based Interviews

We design interviews that are properly structured and we ensure your interviewers are properly prepared. With our help, you will have an interview that can be used effectively either as part of the screening process, assessment centre or combined with psychometric assessments.

Bespoke & Flexible

Human Assets design the interview around your criteria for success (or Indicators of Excellence) and provide interviewers with guide questions for each area.

We advocate a semi-structured approach, based on your Indicators of Excellence, but providing the interviewer with a degree of flexibility to gather the maximum amount of evidence.

Practical & Objective

We offer practical interview training which addresses good practice and diversity issues, and gives interviewers ample opportunity to practise their skills.

The competency-based interview is objective and systematic, and the semi-structured approach enables interviewers to use it in a dynamic way.

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