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Assessment Centres

We design and implement tailored, reliable and valid assessment centres

Assessment Centres

We design assessment centres to maximize accuracy and encourage diversity.

Human Assets has an international reputation for the design of top-quality assessment (and development) centres. We have been in this market for twenty five years and our expertise is represented in Charles Woodruffe’s widely acclaimed book as well as numerous articles and conference presentations. We have designed centres that have stood the test of time for many multinational organisations as well as for public sector clients.

What makes our centres stand out is our uncompromising commitment to ensuring that your centre really does give the best possible preview of the candidate working in your company. You will see very clearly how well candidates demonstrate the key skills and qualities, or Indicators of Excellence, necessary for effective performance.

We are quite clear that a centre should be as close as possible to reality, not made up of fanciful simulations. By following our approach, accuracy and fairness will be built in to your centre.

Centres have evolved a great deal over the years and Human Assets can take some of the credit for their improvement. We will work with you to produce a centre that avoids the pitfalls and produces accurate, fair and motivating results.

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